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We are glad to be one of the PINS partners.

PINS is a global and innovative loyalty program with more than 700 local, global and online partners represented.

Collect PINS

The loyalty currency for the program is PINS, which you can collect by doing everyday shopping, staying at a hotel, renting a car, traveling, eating out, buying electronics, books, toys for the kids and more.

Spend PINS

Spend PINS at PINS Rewards Shop on flights, cinema & bus tickets, SPA treatments, car parking, gift cards from local merchants and many more.

PINS mobile application

Use the PINS mobile application and make it your irreplaceable shopping and travel companion. Scroll through mobile exclusive offers and reach your desired item or experience much faster.

Download the app: www.mobile.pinsforme.com

When visiting PINS partners

Show your PINS card at program partners and you can get amazing rewards for everyday purchases!


Read more at www.pinsforme.com


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