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Privacy Policy

Liva Hotel recognises the importance of privacy. This privacy policy outlines our commitment to the privacy of our customers and assures you that any personally identifiable information that you entrust us is handled with care adhering to applicable data protection and privacy laws in the European Union and beyond.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy outlines the policies and procedures we have established to protect the use, sharing and storage of information on our site.

The Personal information Liva Hotel collects

Liva Hotel collects personal information only when we need it or we intend to use it and only after we have received your consent when you register or book with us, sigm up for a newsletter (coming summer 2008), or perform other transactions on the website. Whilst performing any of the above transactions you will be asked to provide your consent and thereby "agree" to provide accurate, current, and complete required information to register and login to the site. You also agree that Liva Hotel may store and use the Registration Data you provide (including credit card account information) for use in maintaining your accounts and billing fees to your credit card account where applicable.

How Liva Hotel uses this information

Liva Hotel uses this information to deal with your requests, provide reservation/booking services and tailor our services to your needs. Your details will be held on file for facilitating bookings, and future visits and to improve your experience with us whilst on the site or in your communications and interactions with us.

Security, Information sharing & Confidentiality

We follow strict security procedures in the storage and handling of information which you have given us. This is to prevent unauthorised access or unlawful processing of your personal information. Liva Hotel will not share your personal information with anyone else. We will keep your information confidential except where disclosure is required by law. Generally, Liva Hotel will only use your information within Liva Hotel and for internal use.

Your Consent

By using our website you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information by us in the manner set out in this privacy policy.


SIA “Leipold” 


for hotel guests 

This statement has been drawn up to inform you of your personal data processing and to bring information to your attention on how SIA Leipold (hereinafter also referred to as LīvaHotel) processes your personal data. This statement has been drawn up for hotel guests, who will reserve or use the accommodation services of “Līva” Hotel. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter - GDPR), this statement serves to inform you based on the provisions of Article 13 of the GDPR.

In any case, to receive information on your personal data processing, you may contact SIA “Leipold” on the phone: +371 63420102, +371 29163686 or by e-mail: [email protected]

I The Controller 

The controller is a person that alone, or together with others determines the purpose and means for personal data processing. Hereinafter, SIA “Leipold”, “Līva” Hotel may also be referred to as the Controller. 


1.      The Controller of your personal data processing is SIA “Leipold”, “Līva” Hotel, Address: Lielā iela 11, Liepāja, LV-3401 telephone +371 63420102, +371 29163686, electronic mail address: [email protected]


II Purpose of Personal Data Processing 

SIA “Leipold”, “Līva” Hotel only collects your personal data for clear and legitimate purposes. This section shall, respectively, list the purposes for the processing or potential processing of your personal data, possible types of personal data that could be processed, legal justification of data processing and the period of storing your personal data.  

The purposes of processing are determined by SIA “Leipold”, “Līva” Hotel, depending on the operations that must be performed; they are intended for legitimate purposes only. 

The potential personal data shall be listed to provide you with graphic information on what personal data could be processed within the framework of the particular purpose. 

The legal justification of data processing shall be determined in accordance with Article 6 and Article 9 of the GDPR; data processing shall only be performed if legal grounds for doing so exist. 


2.    Reservation of Hotel (Accommodation) Services 

Within the framework of this data processing purpose your personal data will be processed, when we receive the booking application remotely via e-mail, telephone, via the booking web page of “Līva” Hotel website, booking.com, and other accommodation booking companies or channels, or in person at the hotel. In certain cases, where the booking is large or during peak season, we will draw up and ask you to submit a letter of guarantee regarding the deferred payment for the services. Your personal data will also be processed, if you decide to cancel your booking.


Potential Types of Personal Data that Will be Processed 

Name, surname, contact information - telephone number, e-mail address, place of residence; for the drafting of an invoice - address, city, postal code, payment card details in the event of larger reservations.


Legal Basis 

·         For the performance of operations pursuant to the request of the data subject and prior to the conclusion of the contract (Subparagraph b, Paragraph 1, Article 6 of the GDPR), while performing the booking of the accommodation, thus clearly stating the intention to stay at the hotel;

·         Legitimate interests of the Controller (Subparagraph f, Paragraph 1, Article 6 of the GDPR) to use the Hotel Management System for the registration of the received booking and ensuring an efficient work process. Upon the receipt of the application for registration, after the evaluation of which the need to obtain a guarantee by the Controller may arise, your personal data shall be processed to draw up and forward the letter of guarantee to you.


Storage Period 

Your personal data may be stored for different periods of time:

·         4 years in the Hotel Management System of the Controller, if you arrive at the hotel and register there with the purpose of using the service;

·         If you cancel your booking, your data will be deleted from the Hotel Management System of the Controller within 1 day after the receipt of your cancellation;

·         2 years in paper format for group booking information, starting from the checkout date;

·         Up to 2 years for electronic correspondence, if communication with you has been maintained within the framework of service provision;

·         Until the checkout date – your reservation information printout in paper format.


3.    Guest Booking and Hotel (Accommodation) Service Provision

Upon arrival at the hotel, your personal data will be processed to register your arrival – by filling out a guest registration form. By filling out and signing the guest registration form you establish contractual relations and agree to the internal rules of conduct for the receipt of hotel services. If you have reserved accommodation prior to your arrival, this information that has been provided by you in advance, will be processed.

In addition, within the framework of this purpose, your personal data will be processed to ensure hotel (accommodation) and associated services. This includes the creation of your profile in the Hotel Management System of the Controller, payment administration (processing of payments, issuing of invoices and organisation of debt collection), organisation of communication with you to resolve various non-standard issues (organise exchange of the room, ask you to move your vehicle, etc.) and checkout from the hotel.


Potential Types of Personal Data that will be Processed 

Name, surname, personal ID number or other type of identification number, details of birth, mobile telephone number, e-mail address, vehicle registration number, foreign guests will additionally be asked to indicate the type of their personal identification document, its number, date of issue and validity period.


Legal Basis  

·         For the purposes of the conclusion of the contract (Subparagraph b, Paragraph 1, Article 6 of the GDPR), upon the agreement to the internal rules of conduct, mutual relations between you and the Controller shall be established and, on the basis of this legal relation, your personal data that are required to perform the liabilities that arise from this co-operation shall be processed;

·         Performance of legal liability (Subparagraph c, Paragraph 1, Article 6 of the GDPR), within the framework of this legal basis, the Controller shall process your personal data as prescribed by any of the external regulatory enactments (international agreements, laws, cabinet regulations, etc.), for instance, Tourism Law, Cabinet Regulation No. 226, Adopted on 3 April 2007 Regulations Regarding the Procedures of Filling, Storage and Submission of a Foreigner Declaration Form, which provides for the procedures and data that a foreign guest must fill in the registration form;

·         Legitimate interests of the Controller (Subparagraph f, Paragraph 1, Article 6 of the GDPR) to use the Hotel Management System for ensuring an efficient work process at the hotel. As well as in the cases, where the details of your personal identification document must be obtained to verify your identity, as well as, while registering at the hotel. In addition, administration of payments, for instance debt collection shall be organised based on these legal grounds;

·         The legal grounds of special category data processing (Subparagraph a, Paragraph 2, Article 9 of the GDPR) shall be applicable in the cases where you will voluntarily provide your health information to the Controller, for instance, information on allergies.



Storage Period

Your personal data may be stored for different periods of time:

·         4 years from your last visit to the hotel in the Hotel Management System;

·         2 years for general electronic correspondence, if communication with you has been maintained within the framework of service provision;

·         1 year for the guest registration form in paper format.


III Data Recipients 

Data recipient is a natural person or a legal entity, public institution, agency or other structure that the personal data are disclosed to – irrespective of whether they are a third party or not. Among data recipients, the Controller shall, respectively, indicate all potential data recipients to you, including the employees of the controller, as well as co-operation partners and state institutions. In the event that you wish to receive information on particular data recipients, please contact the Controller.


4.      Potential Recipients of your Data

·         The management of SIA “Leipold”, “Līva” Hotel, employees for the performance of their duties – administrators, head of reception service;

·         Processors of the Controller - maintainer of the registration module of the accommodation (in the events where you book the accommodation using the website of “Līva” Hotel), maintainer of electronic mail (in the events, where you use e-mail for communication);

·         Central government and municipal institutions and other persons in the cases provided for by the regulatory enactments, for instance, law enforcement institutions, State Police or State Border Guard.


IV Data Transfer Outside the Member States of the European Union or European Economic Area


5.    The Controller does not transfer your personal data to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.


V Your Rights Regarding Personal Data Issues

You are entitled to exercise all your rights as a data subject that have been provided for by Chapter III of the GDPR.


6.    You are entitled to request the Controller to access your processed personal data, as a data subject, to request corrections to or deletion of inaccurate personal data, by submitting substantiation for such request, to request the limiting of your personal data processing in the cases provided for by the law, as well as to object to personal data processing.

7.    You are entitled to submit a complaint on the illegal processing of your personal data to the Data State Inspectorate or any supervisory body at any time.


VI Communication on Personal Data Protection Issues


8.    If you have any questions regarding this statement or your personal data processing, you can contact SIA “Leipold”, “Līva” Hotel by using the contact information indicated in the introduction or Section 1.


Last updated April 3rd 2019.

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