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History - village Liva and Livony (Livland)

4 April 1253 - on this date in the history was entered the name of village Liva located on the banks of the River Liva. Due to the land division between the German Order and the Bishop of Kurzeme (known also as Kurland, Courland, Couronia, or Curonia) the Division Book of Kursa reveals following record: "...dat dorp, da die Lyva is genant jeb villa, quae dicitus Lyva".Following 1253 Liva used to be a big fishing village for several centuries. Village Liva was an important place on the way from the residence of the German Order in  Marienburg to the seat of the Master of the Livonian Order (Livland in German)  in Riga.
Liepaja is the third biggest city in Latvia, located in the south-western side of the country, on the Baltic Sea coast. As it's said in the city's hymn, this is "the city where the wind is born". Always windy, always redolent of fresh sea breath and subtle smell of sun and sand, Liepaja is unique by its friendly and artistic aura. Anytime it feels like the city is alive and lives its own life - vivacious, versatile and variegated. Many popular musicians and composers as well as poets, writers, sculptors, actors are born in Liepaja. People of Liepaja are proud of their famous citizens, city and its great traditions that reach back into far past. Every year many great cultural events take part in Liepaja and bring together people from other towns of Latvia and all over the world (for example, the Baltic Beach Party, International Piano Stars Festival and others).
One more thing that makes Liepaja a must-visit place is the architecture. Buildings of different architectural styles and ages are located in Liepaja within a relatively small area. Different and unique, together they complement each other and create an atmosphere characteristic only for Liepaja. Here you can see buildings that have been preserved even from the 17th century (for example, Jāņa Street). And here you can see also the German architect's Paul Markss Berchi projected buildings that have been built in the 19th century during the period Liepaja was a well known health resort.
People of very wide range of interests can always find something for them in Liepaja. The beautiful white sand beach for vacationers and water sports enthusiasts; historical places, architecture and old tales for inquisitive tourists; lively and active nightlife for those who seek for entertainment; many different cultural events for everyone who loves music and art; sporting contests (football, basketball, ice hockey, windsurfing, rally etc.) for passionate sport lovers... and all-in-all just a wonderful town for everyone who wants to savour the pleasures of life and just to have a good rest!
Facing the pedestrian street with the Roses Square (Rozu laukums) to the south and the Holy Trinity Church (Sv. Trisvienibas baznica) to the north, Liva Hotel could not be more centrally located in Liepaja. The tourist information centre, the largest shopping mall in Liepaja, the theatre of Liepaja, nightclubs, and other attractions are within walking distance.

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